Issue:    to direct planning work for a state of the art urban development proposal of the City 

             (done on the staff of the Mayor of City of Chicago, 1990-1992)


Action:   assembled and led planning team (public/private) of City agencies and 30 consultants

              developed comprehensive regional plan for airport and urban context

              sponsored development of award-winning regional environmental plan

              team developed  a complex phasing plan for proposed $ 10 billion project


Southeast Chicago Planning and

Lake Calumet Airport

Work was received well and generally embraced upon completion. Project team was awarded 2 Progressive Architecture awards for innovative environmental planning, as well as award from American Farmlands Trust as a progressive “anti-sprawl proposal”.

The project did not go ahead due to political infighting (even with support of both Governors, Senators, and other officials), it ultimately spawned the City of Chicago’s progressive initiatives in environmental issues, including brownfield redevelopment, nature studies in Calumet, and other broad-scale green initiatives.

This project was the seedling for the current O’Hare redevelopment project, a $15 billion rebuilding plan currently underway.

Environmental Plan for SE Chicago area

Airport Development Plan for Lake Calumet Airport